New talent squads announced

- Squash Australia

Squash Australia has announced its latest talent squads and the programs they will undertake as they head to their respective world championships.
The 2011 Girls Talent Squad is working towards selection for the World Junior Championships in Boston later this year.
The squad comprises:
Iritana Gray, Tamika Saxby (pictured), Jennifer Brown (NSW); Beth Brazier, Challen Stowell, Tiffany Loss, Grace McErvale, Emily Stack-Masula, Natalie Newton, Jessica Turnbull; Selena Shaikh (VIC); and
Shari Fuller (NT).
The 2012 Boys Talent squad is made up of: Rohan Toole, Bradley Williams, Michael Badenhorst, Geoffrey Salmon (NSW); Ben Sommerville, Ben Marschall, Thomas Calvert, Joshua Stack-Masula (Qld);  Matthew Bridle, Dayne Gruenthal, Drew Cooper (WA); Trae Menzies, David Fumpson (SA); and Rhys Dowling (NT).
The Boys program includes compulsory attendance at the Tasmanian and NSW Opens this year as well as the AJC in Melbourne in September.
There are also optional events in Perth and Coffs Harbour in August and September.
The 2013 Girls Talent squad is: Natalie Newton, Jessica Turnbull, Grace McErvale, Hannah Jameson, Nathalie Sutter (QLD); Rachael Gibson, Moana Gray, Nodoka Machar Nakamichi (NSW); Stacey Cope, Jasmin Burnard (SA); Nicole Stoneham, Monica Paine (VIC); Eloise O'Connor (WA); and Naomi Dobson (NT).
The 2013 Girls squad will take part in the Millicent Open in June and the Mackay Open in September, as well as the AJC.
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