Annual Awards

Squash Australia recognises the support and effort of many dedicated personnel within the Squash community in the preparation and conduct of squash operations and tournaments, and the accomplishment and dedication to the sport by its athletes.

Squash Australia acknowledges these personnel with annual national level awards in the following categories:

The 2016 Squash Australia Annual Awards will return once again Friday 12th August 2016 in Melbourne. The event will be held at the Grand Ballroom at Mercure Hotel, Albert Park 3004.

The winners of each category will get some great prizes and feed into the ASC Annual Awards.

Registration is now open for nominations under each category. Please email with the name of the nomination and any supporting documentation for the nominee.

Nominees cannot self-nominate. Nominees need to be members of Squash Australia and in good standing.

Squash Australia Annual Awards Nomination Form
Squash Australia Annual Awards State/Territory
Squash Australia Annual Awards Night Club Nomination

Ticket prices for 2016 will be the same as 2015. Adult $115.00, Junior U23's $60.00.Tables of 10 can be purchased for $1,150.00.

Purchase Tickets HERE:

The Award categories for 2015 are indicated below, along with the mechanism for selection e.g. vote based and/or panel, and criteria’s:

1.       Volunteer of the Year award (Voted, Awards Panel)

  • Contribution to SA programmes.
  • Contribution to squash in Australia.
  • Volunteers in their spare time.
  • Work with young players.
  • Work to support events.

2.       Junior Male Player of the Year award (Voted and HP Panel)

  • Results at AJO, AJC or OJC.
  • Results at local State Titles events.
  • Rate of improvement throughout the year.
  • Courteous and polite on the Squash Court.

3.       Junior Female Player of the Year award (Voted and HP Panel)

  • Results at AJO, AJC or OJC.
  • Results at local State Titles events.
  • Rate of improvement throughout the year.
  • Courteous and polite on the Squash Court.

4.       Senior Player of the Year award (Voted - HP Panel)

  • Squash Australia recognised events.
  • Commonwealth Games/World results.
  • Contribution to the sport – on and off the court.

5.       Coach of the Year award (Voted and HP Panel)

  • Coaching work in support of SA programmes.
  • Coaching work in support of Squash in Australia.
  • Working with young players.
  • Rate of coaching development through the year.

6.       Referee of the Year award (Voted and Referee Panel)

  • Notable qualifications achieved within the year
  • Referee at major events.
  • Commitment in support of Referees development in Australia.

7.       Club of the Year award (Voted and Awards Panel)

  • Be a registered club/centre with the largest increase in affiliations, compared to previous year.
  • Hosting events.
  • Working closely with Squash Australia’s programmes.
  • Have players compete in pennant competitions.
  • Use of Matrix.
  • Use of Play Squash.
  • Participate in OzSquash initiatives.
  • Track record of recruiting new/social players.

8.     State/Territory of the Year award (Target Driven)

  • % Increase in recorder (PlaySquash) affiliation numbers
  • % Increase in Coach education courses delivered
  • % Increase in State Squash court numbers
  • % Increase in Club level Referees
  • % increase in School registration number
  • % Increase in University registration number
  • State Open event above 20k in prize money (total prize money)
  • % Increase in Matrix players
  • Number Players in Squash Australia ‘Winning Edge’ Squad
  • Points for active Facebook and Twitter account
  • Points for State streaming capability at events linked to
  • Documented State linked positions within the State Political Sporting landscape – Politician, State Department of Sport, State Sport Federation or State Academy of Sport.

9.       Hall of Fame (Hall of Fame panel set by Squash Australia Board)

Annual Awards

Athlete of the Year Award - Senior

Athlete of the Year Award - Junior

Administrator of the Year Award

Coach of the Year Award

Referee of the Year Award

Volunteer of the Year Award

Club of the Year Award

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