The Squash Foundation was launched in 2017 by Squash Australia as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the sport of Squash in Australia. The foundation was established to secure funds that will develop existing centres and create new squash facilities around the country, with Carrara Squash Centre being the first project.

The goal for Squash Foundation is to assist the growth and development of Squash by supporting the grass root players and elite professionals with the right support they need and providing investment opportunities into existing and new facilities.

The vision for Squash Foundation is to provide all states with facilities that will become ‘a hub’ for the sport. A home of Squash will create opportunities for children, young people and professionals to have access to world standard facilities across Australia.

The Squash Foundation will provide squash players in Australia from all cultural backgrounds and skill levels, with equal opportunities and the appropriate support in reaching their full potential on and off the court.

Carrara Squash Centre

The ‘Carrara Squash Centre’ campaign is the first project to launch from the Squash Foundation.

A potential new Squash Centre located in the Gold Coast Sports Precinct has launched a campaign to raise the required funds see the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) Squash courts become a legacy for the Gold Coast and Australia.

The Carrara Squash Centre needs to raise $2,000,000 for the construction of the courts in the original Carrara Indoor Arena. The facility would house six squash courts plus one TV show court. This relocation will further revitalise The Gold Coast Sports Precinct, securing another piece of legacy infrastructure from the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The facility will bring social and health benefits, and what US Forbes magazine classed as ‘the worlds heathiest sport’ to the local community. In addition, the facility will allow Australia to host major international Squash events which will boost the local economy.

This home of Squash will create opportunities for children, young people and professionals to have access to world standard facilities. In addition to high performance sport, the facility will offer health and wellbeing opportunities for the local community.

Fundraising for the centre will be achieved through the newly created Squash Foundation. The centre has created sponsorship packages for business, individuals and stakeholders to partner and embrace this Squash Legacy with permanent legacy recognition given to the valued sponsors.

For sponsorship packages, advertising space and charity donations please email [email protected]