Following an extensive consultation period with all Squash Australia stakeholders in 2015 and the Strategy sessions at the October AGM workshops we are happy to launch the new 2016 – 2022 Squash Australia Strategy.

The Strategy brings the organisation in line with the Commonwealth Games cycle, as the Games is they major event for the organisation. The Strategy will be a rolling plan which will be subject to review and reporting against KPI’s.


Educational – We will help children in Australia experience Squash through the school curriculum. Our volunteers and staff will work alongside teachers to help children experience and enjoy squash.

Recreational – We will promote squash as a key part of a healthy lifestyle that contributes to a positive work/life balance.

Sporting – We will ensure that everyone with athletic talent reaches their full potential by providing the appropriate pathways, funding and coaching. We will also provide the competition opportunities and programmes to assist Australian players compete with distinction on the world stage.


To be an innovative and highly respectable sports organisation, and the most successful racquet sport in Australia by enabling Australian players, coaches and officials of all ages, cultural background and skill level to have the opportunity to excel in squash and in life!


  • Squash will be a thriving participant sport for all Australians;
  • Provide an excellent Consumer Experience;
  • Run world class events for all members;
  • Stop the decline of Squash courts, by making facilities attractive, enticing, professionally operated and financially sustainable;
  • Win medals that matter for Australia;
  • Squash personnel will be competent to deliver the sport through a workforce development programme;
  • Squash Australia will have the network required to influence key decisions in its favour;
  • Squash will enhance its profile, through media and new technologies;
  • Squash will be well administered and focused on local delivery through a shared Australia wide vision.


We are:

  • Collaborative – Working together as one for the good of the sport.
  • Innovative – Embrace change, be consumer focused and have a growth mindset.
  • Inclusive – Include all of society.
  • Respectful – To Listen, empathise, and be considerate of everyone.
  • Excellence – To strive for the highest standards in everything we do.



The focus of the organisation will be:

  • KRA 1 Participation;
  • KRA 2 Consumer Experience;
  • KRA 3 Events;
  • KRA 4 Facilities;
  • KRA 5 High Performance;
  • KRA 6 Education;
  • KRA 7 Influence;
  • KRA 8 Profile; and
  • KRA 9 Leadership Excellence.


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