Principle Partner

Australian Institute of Sport

The AIS is the principal sponsor and partner of Squash Australia. The AIS provides Squash Australia with funding to ensure they have the capacity to create a sustainable sport through best practice governance and administration, intellectual property ownership, athlete management and support structures and general accountabilities.  Importantly, the winning partnership highlights the commitment to ensuring Australian athletes excel in the international sporting arena, and increasing Australians’ participation in Squash.


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SQUASH AUSTRALIA'S OFFICIAL SQUASH BALL SUPPLIER - Founded in 1909, Dunlop Sport is famous for its world championship level and pioneering tennis, golf and squash equipment.  Dunlop makes the official squash ball of the Professional Squash Association, the Women’s Squash Association and the World Squash Federation. Also known as the world’s number one squash three-timeree time world champion squash player Nick Matthew uses a Dunlop squash racket.

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SQUASH AUSTRALIA'S OFFICIAL STRING SUPPLIER- At Ashaway the commitment to the advancement of racket sport technology is absolute.  Ashaway is best known for manufacturing the world-class racket strings used by many of the world's leading professional players. As the only United States manufacturer of racket strings, Ashaway stands alone in meeting the stringing needs of squash and racquetball players.

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SQUASH AUSTRALIA'S OFFICIAL RACQUET SUPPLIER- VICTOR is a global brand and one of the leading manufacturers of indoor sport goods, represented in approximately 100 countries around the world. All rackets and sport goods are developed and tested by professionals, allowing only the best products to come into the market, which have deserved the name VICTOR.

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SQUASH AUSTRALIA'S PREFFERED COURT SUPPLIER - CourtTech is a German made and engineered product with the reputation for quality that has a standing accreditation with the World Squash Federation, giving you high security for your financial investment.

The sand filled CourtTech walls provide a perfect ball bounce and the wall construction absorbs enormous vibrations. The special tongue and groove connection between the boards guarantees long durability. The final on-site finish provides a joint less playing surface for all climate conditions, especially for all humidity levels.

CourtTech retro-fits front walls to solve on-going plaster issues, installs glass backs, build full squash courts in new or existing buildings and installs moveable walls to make better use of your facility. Building could take as little as two days to retro-fit a front wall or ie: two weeks for two full courts causing minimal down time on business operation.

Cameron and Sarah hope to have a positive impact on the Squash community and continue to support the growth of Squash in Australia and Oceania.

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Commonwealth Games Australia

The Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA) is a key partner with Squash Australia in the preparation of the Squash section of the Australian Commonwealth Games Team. Additionally, the ACGA supports up and coming squash players with funding through its junior squad program for international competition opportunities.

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World Squash Federation

The WSF is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the International Federation (IF) for squash. The WSF is a member of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and the Association of the IOC Recognised International Sports Federations (ARISF).

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Sporty HQ

SportyHQ is built and maintained by sports fanatics. It's that love of sports that drives many of the features which set SportyHQ apart from the competition. Bringing statistics and social interaction to the average player that you would normally only expect at a professional level is one of the founding goals of SportyHQ.

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Sporting Schools

Sporting Schools brings together schools and sports to help get Aussie children active in their local communities. Sporting Schools is open to all Australian primary schools, and with quality programs developed by over 30 national sporting organisations, it offers a fun and supportive environment for children and coaches.

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Schweppes Australia

Squash Australia have partnered with Schweppes Australia as part of the new Centremark programme offering unparalleled benefits and exclusive offers to centre operators who sign up to take part. The programme is the latest initiative in the ongoing transformation of Squash Australia.

Market research has shown that based on an average sale of 4 cases per week, sales are made up of 45% Gatorade, 30% Water and 25% Soft Drinks – Squash Centres have the opportunity of making a profit of $8,400 per annum through our partnership with Schweppes. The partnership deal with Schweppes also includes a fridge and servicing and 24 hour hotline.

For more information on the Centremark programme and any of the deals mentioned above, email [email protected].

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Peters Ice Cream

Squash Australia have partnered with Peters Ice Cream as part of the new Centremark programme, now offering unparalleled benefits and exclusive offers to centre operators who sign up to take part. The programme is the latest initiative, in the ongoing transformation of Squash Australia.

Peters believe that being an active member of their community is an important part of their organisation . They have a long history of supporting families and the community and that is why we are extremely proud of our partnership with them. The new partnership means centre operators can take advantage of massive discounts on various products which is further bolstered by rebates back to centres on all the products they sell.

For more information on the Centremark programme and any of the deals mentioned above, email [email protected].

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The Red Bull VIP Program gives members an opportunity to take advantage of partnership discounts, this is further enhanced with local area marketing opportunities to engage and excite members. The partnership deal with Red Bull also includes point of sale and visibility items to attract and drive new customers into centres

For more information on the Centremark programme and any of the deals mentioned above, email [email protected].

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