The listing below represents various forms of Properties which Squash Australia Limited owns or lays claim to through frameworks such as the Squash Australia Articles and Memorandum, its membership of the World Squash Federation, Company Registrations through ASIC, Trading Name Registration through State & Territory Governments and or ASIC, Trade Marking through IP Australia and Copyright through the Copyright ACT 1968.  

Registered Trading Names

  • Squash Matrix
  • SquashLink
  • OzSquash
  • Racketball Australia
  • Australian Racketball
  • Australian Squash Open

Trade Marks

  • Squash - It's a hit!

Championships & Squash Events

  • Australian Squash Open
  • Australian Junior Squash Championships
  • Australian Junior Squash Open
  • National Junior Series
  • Australian Teams Championships
  • National Teams Championships
  • Australian Squash Tour
  • Australian Junior Squash Tour
  • Australian Doubles Squash Championships
  • Australian Junior Doubles Squash Championships
  • Australian Racketball Championships
  • Australian Racketball Open

Rules of the Games

Website Addresses