Talent Development Coach Education

This coach is competent to plan, conduct and evaluate advanced training programs suitable for players competing at State and Australian Age Championship (or higher) level competitions.  A Talent Development Coach has demonstrated the ability to train players who have achieved National Age competition.  The Talent Development Coach should have the skills to structure a complex training environment that allows for a progression from Club and State level competitions to success at the National level. 

Candidates would be required to show completion of the following in order to gain accreditation at the Talent Development level:

  • Intermediate Coaching General Principles course - online at https://www.sportaus.gov.au/coaches_and_officials/coaches
  • Working with Children Check - (through State Government)
  • Sport Integrity Australia Level 2 Anti-Doping Course - online at https://elearning.sportintegrity.gov.au/
  • Squash Rules exam (multiple choice) - available on eLearning platform
  • Practical assessment of knowledge and application of coaching tools - during course in person
  • Submission of 4 Lesson plans that show knowledge and application of coaching tools - post course 



Talent Development Course