Coach Education

Foundation Coaching Course

This coach is qualified to deliver basic training sessions that develop the squash technique of novice and junior players – this is generally defined as players’ 12-years and under who are still acquiring the skills needed to play matches. The coach may work independent of any supervision as they are fully qualified to provide such instructional training.  Coaches at this level are also encouraged to work with older players (i.e. to gain valuable ‘on-the job’ training), but only as an ‘assistant coach’ under the supervision of a coach with appropriate qualifications.

The Foundation Coach program is designed for beginner and volunteer club coaches. They are a stand-alone accredited program which includes Community Coaching General Principles combined with the skills and games of squash.

Candidates would be required to show completion of the following in order to gain accreditation at the Foundation level:

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Referee Education

Referee Rules Exam

The examination may be completed whilst using a rule book and should take about 1 1/2 hours to complete. Rule references for each question are shown for each question question. Each correct answer scores one mark. A score of 100% is required to pass. Candidates may re-sit all or some questions as many times as necessary to pass.

Club Referee Course 

This program is an initial level to encourage new referees. Squash Australia is always after more qualified referees to officiate over all levels of competition play around the country. Not only does being a qualified referee help the club you play at, but it also aids your individual understanding of the game of squash and how and why shots are played and calls are made.

Accreditation can be obtained based on the candidate’s own level of play and regular exposure to different abilities of Squash on a consistent basis.

Candidates would be required to show completion of the following in order to gain accreditation at the club level:

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