The Squash Australia Academy is aimed to help establish and align pathways for junior talent across Australia.

Programmes such as Oz Squash, Learn, Move, Play and Hits n Giggles are entry point participation programmes to get young players active. Once these young players are identified with squash talent then the Squash Australia Academy concept will provide them with an initial environment to develop. From here players would follow the pathway to State and National High Performance programmes.

To be awarded Squash Australia Academy status we have set out criteria that will help you achieve success and put your athletes on an Athlete Talent Pathway (ATP). This pathway reflects the AIS developed Foundations, Talent, Elite and Mastery (FTEM) model athletes along the “whole of sport” pathway continuum and integrates common and unique phases of development for participants at the active lifestyle, sport and high performance sport phases.

In addition to the physical, tactical and technical components of the sport the Squash Australia Academy programme will ensure high levels of child safeguarding standards are upheld and aim to help develop the coaches that are part of this national programme via development opportunities and communication with the national high performance team.

Squash Australia Academy status will mean Academies can benefit from discounts on a range of branded products - clothing, rackets, strings, and balls.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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