The Squash Australia talent identification programme aims to locate talented junior players between the ages of 8 - 13 and help them achieve their full potential via the Squash Australia Athlete Talent Pathway.

Squash Australia has identified three key components for the Talent Identification process to achieve its goals:

  • Identifying talent as early as possible (Talent ID camps)
  • Ensure the individual takes the correct player pathway to maximise their development
  • Placing individuals into a sustainable system that will have opportunity for their game to constantly progress

We are looking for athletes with the following profile:

  • Players that love squash
  • Keen to represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games in the fast paced game of squash
  • A willingness to work up to a standard to compete with the rest of the world
  • Good squash skills

Players under the age of 11 years of age are invited to attend the Talent ID camp in their State/Territory, which acts as talent identification camp for the HP Development Group and the Junior National Squads.

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Talent Indentification Camps

State Location Date Contact Email
WA   19-20 January [email protected]
VIC Bendigo 4-5 March [email protected]
VIC Warrnambool 1 April [email protected]
VIC Horsham 29-30 April [email protected]
VIC Ballarat 24-25 June [email protected]
VIC TBC 1-2 July [email protected]
VIC TBC 5-6 August [email protected]
VIC TBC 23-24 September [email protected]
VIC TBC 4-5 November [email protected]
SA TBC    
NT TBC