We want to help YOU!

Squash Australia appreciates the job all facility managers do around the country as well as how difficult a job it can be; so we are keen to help. Squash Australia has engaged with grant writers to aid clubs and centres in applying for grants. Below is the criteria each application will be assessed against as well as the required information needed within the application.

Applications must address the following:

  •  Club / centre name
  •  Location
  •  Date centre established
  •  Foreseeable future of the centre (i.e. how long into the future will you own / be leasing the centre)
  •  How many courts the centre currently has
  •  Type of courts they are (i.e. hard or glass backed)
  •  The physical condition of the centre
  •  Current affiliated and casual participant base
  •  Annual turnover
  •  Contact person for grant work
  •  What your club / centre would be aiming to do with grant money
  •  Are there any grants available in the local area that your club / centre would like to target?

Essential Criteria:

  •  Affiliated Club / Centre / Facility with their state
  •  Strategic value of project
  •  Success viability rating
  •  Grant capability support rating
  •  Impact against national facility strategic needs
  •  High return on investment rating
  •  Medium to long term facility outlook
  •  Is the facility an incorporated not-for-profit entity

Desirable Criteria:

  •  Geographical coverage
  •  Red facility risk register project from the heat map overview process where we prioritise facility development on a needs basis
  •  Will benefit demogrpahics that target participation improvements - juniors, females, rural / remote communities
  •  Grant will create benefits beyond just squash, i.e. "community events / involvement" or "multi-sports"
  •  Grant will boost facility usage during off-peak hours
  •  Centre currently aligned to Squash Australia programs

Process from here:

Submit all applications via the link below addressing both the criteria above and necessary information required. Successful applications will be passed through to the grants agency for further assessment and planning for a decision. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified via email. 

Submit Application Here