Why Should my Centre or Club Affiliate?

Centres and Clubs are the home of our sport. We want to see facilities thriving, which is why we’ve procured a number of member benefits to specifically benefit Australian centres and clubs. Check out our full range of Member Benefits for affiliated squash centres and clubs: 

Insurance Cover

Centres that affiliate to their local State or Territory are entitled to Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance under the Squash Australia policy. This can cover your centre against liability for personal injury, property damage and breach of professional duty. If you're already paying for your own policy, you may be able to save by using our policy instead.

Centremark Programme

Squash Australia’s Centremark Programme uses our national buying power to provide discounted price points and rebates on commercial partners like Schweppes, Peters Ice Cream and Red Bull. Affiliated centres can save thousands using the range of Centremark offers available. Signing up is easy and totally free!

SportyHQ Software

SportyHQ is a sport software platform that allows you to manage memberships, player details, court bookings, competitions and tournaments. It offers a range of features that give your club the cutting edge. Affiliated clubs can access some of these features for free, whilst Centremark clubs or centres can access a full suite of features. 

Facility Grant Writers

Squash Australia appreciates both how great a job all the facilities managers do across the country and how difficult the business is; so we are keen to help. There are increasingly more and more grants available at Federal, State and local levels and we have engaged grant writers to help the wider sporting and squash sector.

How do I Affiliate? 

Contact your relevant State or Territory to affiliate. When you’re affiliated to your State or Territory, you’re automatically affiliated to Squash Australia and can access our range of member benefits.