Squash Australia Centremark Programme

Through Centremark’s unmatched rewards, Squash Australia are giving centre operators the opportunity to sign up for huge new partnerships, taking advantage of massive discounts on various products. You can receive discounted price points, rebates and additional bonuses on select products.

How Does it Work? 

You can select anything from the number of deals on offer. It costs nothing to sign up, and you have complete freedom to choose a deal or partnership that suits you. Once you've contacted us, we'll put you in touch with the relevant provider and you'll be able to discuss what you want from the package. 

Want to Get Started? 

If you're interested in any of the below programmes, all you need to do is email [email protected] and we can get you started. 


Squash Australia have partnered with SportyHQ to subsidise and bring to you this great new technology aimed at easing
your club's administrative burden, while increasing participation and interactive amongst your players. SportyHQ helps your club run online bookings, tournaments, ladders, membership payments, your website and more.

The SportyHQ Club software includes: 
  • Member management,
  • Online membership sign up / renewal. 
  • Mass Communication Tools
  • Online document storage and photo galleries 
  • Online court bookings 
  • Club website, box leagues, run tournaments, leagues and individual leagues.
  • Enter and manage results from your club
  • Maintain club ranking lists.
  • Create events that can be used to capture registrations for things like referee clinics, courses, parties, etc
  • Reporting around membership types and user demographics


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There are two options available:

Option 1: Become a Local Pick-up

Centres purchase products from us at cost.  When a person has purchased a product on the E-Shop they have the option to collect this product from a centre, thus saving on shipping costs. Squash Australia receives 5% from every purchase online – the remaining 95% goes straight to the centre and its club.   Benefits: Exposure and free advertising for the centre, discounts to your centre, 75% profit of each product sold online

Option 2: Buy and Sell

Buying direct from Squash Australia, centres will enjoy cost prices from our suppliers. Centres will receive 100% of the profits from the products they sell and can develop their own prices for in-store purchases.  Centres can purchase premium products at cost + 10%.
Benefits: Receive 100% profit of each product sold in store, ability to set prices own prices for products, provides foot traffic for a centre and its squash club


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Squash Australia will cover the costs of the placing the Groupon advertisement.

Groupon is an online marketplace with a customer base of 5 million members. It has become the place you start when you want to buy just about anything, anytime, anywhere. Groupon’s business model supports small, medium and large Australian businesses to attract, retain and interact with customers.  These businesses, including major brands like Woolworths, Caltex, IMAX, Hungry Jacks and HOYTS, are embracing Groupon as a powerful marketing tool to engage with new customers in a measurable and cost-effective manner.

Groupon is fast becoming a true multi-channel marketing leader, communicating with customers via web, email, mobile and social media.  

How can you benefit?

Our trial Groupon offers reached an average of 40-50 new members with each new offer.


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Hollier Dicksons

Our Hollier Dicksons offer will see centres benefit from discounts on all Hollier Dicksons products. Discounts up to 10.5% on hundreds of products from leading brands, such as Cadbury, Smiths, Nestle, Lipton, Aussie Bodies and so much more.

The Hollier Dicksons group is the premier national distributor of confectionery, snack foods, groceries, beverages and recyclable food packaging to a wide and diverse range of local & national retailers who when combined, service the majority of the Australian population.


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Hart Sports

Our Hart Sports offer will see centres benefit from a 5% discount on over 5000 Hart Sports products. The range has been developed by professional people who know "their stuff".  

What we do is have a range of high quality, innovative products that are excellent for their intended purpose. We make it easy for our customers to get info on products, buy products and get products. What this means is we have huge amounts of stock and a distribution system to get orders to our customers fast- no matter where they are. That's what we do!


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Squash Australia are making easier for you to keep your courts in top notch condition.  Duralex offers the best SQUASH COURT PAINT.

Duralex squash court paint is a professional quality water-based paint which dries to a flat finish on properly prepared interior and exterior surfaces. Independent field testing, where squash balls were fired at test panels of various manufacturers' paints, found that Duralex squash court paint was noticeably superior.


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Business Support

Through Centremark’s unmatched rewards, Squash Australia are giving centre operators the opportunity to access the following resources:

Operational Support:
  • Best practice
  • Legislation guidelines
  • Assistance with Grant Applications
  • Operational Business Support
  • Product support
IT Support:
  • CRM and Court Booking software
  • Staff Training
  • Access to all Squash Australia’s Participation Programmes
  • Business Consultancy Marketing Support
  • Manage and market your business more effectively
  • Access to Marketing Material
  • Best practice guidelines
New Centres can Access:
  • Template Business Plans
  • Financial Models

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SQUASH AUSTRALIA'S PREFFERED COURT SUPPLIER - CourtTech is a German made and engineered product with the reputation for quality that has a standing accreditation with the World Squash Federation, giving you high security for your financial investment.

The sand filled CourtTech walls provide a perfect ball bounce and the wall construction absorbs enormous vibrations. The special tongue and groove connection between the boards guarantees long durability. The final on-site finish provides a joint less playing surface for all climate conditions, especially for all humidity levels.

CourtTech retro-fits front walls to solve on-going plaster issues, installs glass backs, build full squash courts in new or existing buildings and installs moveable walls to make better use of your facility. Building could take as little as two days to retro-fit a front wall or ie: two weeks for two full courts causing minimal down time on business operation.


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Squash Australia's official string supplier offering a 10% discount on Ashaway products. At Ashaway the commitment to the advancement of racket sport technology is absolute.  Ashaway is best known for manufacturing the world-class racket strings used by many of the world's leading professional players.











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