What Is OzSquash?

OzSquash is Squash Australia's national program designed for primary aged students. OzSquash provides 7 - 12yr olds a great opportunity to learn not only squash skills, but develop key attributes to live a physically active life.

Program Delivery and Updates

Funding for Term 2 Opens Soon!

Applications for Term 2, 2021 funding are open from Monday, 1 March to Friday, 12 March. 

Sporting Schools funding is available for primary schools to deliver Sporting Schools programs before, during or after school hours using an NSO program - such as Squash Australia's OzSquash program! 

Head to the Sporting Schools website by clicking the button below.



Why OzSquash for Schools?

  • OzSquash is a fun, play-based program designed to develop children’s hand-eye coordination, spacial awareness, reflexes and aim.
  • OzSquash promotes life-long health and wellbeing for students.
  • OzSquash is a flexibly delivered program; it can be run by a local squash coach, and/or PE/generalist teacher. 
  • OzSquash is able to be funded through the Sporting Schools initiative by Sport Australia, see funding eligibility here

Why OzSquash for Clubs?

  • OzSquash provides an opportunity for primary school students to try squash and be integrated into a squash participation pathway in the club. 
  • OzSquash is an opportunity for squash clubs to build a positive relationship with local primary schools, and start on-going programs.
  • Although the club or venue can’t access the Sporting Schools grant directly, the grant allows the school to cover costs associated with OzSquash. 
  • OzSquash at the club or venue isn’t just great for the kids, but gives parents an opportunity to visit the club or venue and maybe try squash as well!


How to Get Involved

Once you have been approved for funding, you will then be able to use the Sporting Schools booking system to book the OzSquash program!


Find Out More

Physical Literacy and OzSquash

Physical literacy involves holistic lifelong learning through movement and physical activity. It delivers physical, psychological, social and cognitive health and wellbeing benefits. Squash Australia is committed to creating a healthier generation of more active Australians. Physical literacy is key in the OzSquash program. OzSquash focuses on the holistic development of individuals - providing an opportunity for OzSquash participants to boost their physical, psychological, social and cognitive attributes.

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