What Is Social Squash?

Social Squash is the epitome of fun, fitness and community. It is an enjoyable way to try a new sport, maintain an active lifestyle, and fit activity into a busy schedule.

Squash Australia provides a variety of programs that are run across the country, to find out if your local club is participating in any Squash Australia participation and Social Squash programs, Click Here

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What do our programs have to offer?

"Traditional Social Squash":

Traditional social squash has a different meaning to anyone you encounter. it is simply an umbrella term for the different ways you can participate in the sport. To us, it means being involved and participating in the sport in any means that aren't on a competition basis. Traditional Social Squash is the common offerings from local squash clubs, this includes but is not limited to club practices, social leagues (singles, doubles, women), timed squash, regularly organised social hits as well as just heading to your local club, booking a squash court and having a hit. 

Street Squash:

Street Squash is the newest product to the join the Social Squash team! Street Squash was developed during the Covid-19 pandemic and has a focus on staying active and maintaining squash skills during a time where the courts aren't accessible. The aim of this program is to promote the sport and show that it really can be played anywhere! For more information regarding Street Squash, Click Here

Squash Girls Can:

Squash Girls Can is the premium participation program for female's in University looking to keep active, make friends and try a new sport. Squash Girls Can is run by a coach over the course of 6-weeks with a specific weekly outline to help develop skills and participate in game play, all in a fun environment surrounded by like-minded women. For more information regarding Squash Girls Can, Click Here

Cardio Squash:

Cardio Squash is the best way to stay motivated in your training routine and prepare your body for squash. Cardio Squash will help you prevent injuries and take your game to the next level. Cardio Squash isn’t just for the squash player. We are on a mission to bring epic team workouts to communities across Australia. Each workout is a unique circuit incorporating squash drills and functional training. For more information regarding Cardio Squash, Click Here

Gentle Squash:

Gentle Squash is well-suited for an older demographic, looking to maintain strength and fitness, enjoy a social atmosphere and play squash in a safe environment. Gentle Squash is all about meeting up with your friends and other squash enthusiasts, no emphasis on the rules or vigorous matches. Players are able to play against other with a similar skill level and ability.

Outdoor Squash:

Outdoor squash is a new product that Squash Australia is working to implement. Participation for outdoor squash is largely focussed on Street Squash currently, with outdoor squash focusing on the building of facilities to be utilised outdoor. For more information, Click Here