The foundation was formed in 2017 by Squash Australia as recognised there was the need to help ensure squash infrastructure was development for future generations.

The Squash Australia Facility Foundation supports both the development of new squash facilities and existing squash facilities across Australia.

Donations to the Squash Foundation are tax deductible (#) and Squash Australia regularly holds direct fundraising activities for the Squash Foundation.

In addition to the Squash Foundation, Squash Australia provides Squash Centres around Australia access to grant writing services to help them identify and access funding for targeted facility developments.


Clubs can apply for funding through contacting Squash Australia -[email protected]

Squash Foundation is run in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation allowing donors to make tax deductible donations.  The Foundation will provide our donors with a tax receipt for all money contributed, so they can benefit and claim tax deductions for their support.


As our country continues to be ravaged by bushfires, I want to send my sincere condolences to those Australians directly impacted by the crisis.

We are in awe of our amazing firefighters, emergency service workers and incredible band of volunteers who have worked tirelessly to protect our communities. They have shown great courage, commitment and have been an inspiration to us all.

This is a devastating time for all Australians. The loss of human life, livelihoods, wildlife and infrastructure, is profound. Regardless, the reports of courage and sacrifice reflect the intrinsic Australian Spirit.

To anyone in the squash community affected across the land, please know that we are with you in spirit and we will do the best we can to support you in this difficult time.

To everyone - please stay safe and look out for each other during this difficult time.

In the short term, SQA will be holding a fundraising event and we have already released some funds in the Squash Foundation.

Those Squash Centres affected by the fires or indeed any member of the squash family that might be involved e.g. Volunteer firefighters, please reach out to George on [email protected] to see how we can help.

There has already been some great work fund-raising throughout the Squash community, for anyone who wants to support the disaster relief especially to ensure those within the squash community are supported.

To be clear any donations made to the Squash Foundation during January to March 2020 will be expended specifically on fire relief efforts, with a priority given to anyone in the squash community that has been affected.

In due course I will keep you informed of developments and our role that we can all play in these relief efforts.

In closing, we are aware that there are a range of fundraising appeals that exist, and I encourage the squash family to contribute to the Disaster Relief and Recovery Appeal.


Squash Australia Facility Foundation