The President's Council comprises the Squash Australia Directors and Member State & Territory Presidents or their nominated representatives. The members are:

  • ACT: Michael Nuttall
  • NSW: John Small
  • NT: Gerard McNally
  • QLD: Jonathan James
  • SA: Sam Abishara
  • TAS: Kent Harburtt
  • VIC: Sarah Fitz-Gerald
  • WA: Glenn Hitch
  • Squash Australia: Jo Brodie

The President's Council operates under a Terms of Reference as approved by the Squash Australia Board. That document is available here. The President's Council meets on the first Monday of every even month in the year (February, April, June, August, October and December). This program commenced in June 2015. The President of Squash Australia is the Chairman of the President's Council. The 2016 Agenda, Minutes and attendance at the President's Council meetings are available below.  

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