Squash Australia are placing an increased importance on building the number of qualified Coach Tutors around the country to assist the number and quality of coaches within our sport. Squash Australia currently has .... qualified Coach Tutors:

Alexia Clonda (NSW)
Geoff Davenport (NSW)
Grant Gough (NSW) 
Pat Siciliano (QLD) 
Robyn Prentice (QLD) 
James Rogers (SA)
Karen Cagliarini (VIC) 
Richard Cagliarini (VIC) 
Sue Hillier (WA) 
Tim Cowell (WA) 

Coach Tutors/Presenters/Assessors (Deliverers) Qualifications

Programme Deliverers shall:

  • Reapply for the qualification every four years.
  • Undergo a four (4) yearly review of performance by a designated Squash Australia reviewer and to pass the review satisfactorily in order to have endorsement continued.
  • Use only the approved Squash Australia Resources in delivery of the course.
  • Any trainee presenters (those newly qualified delivering their first course) must be supervised by an appropriately qualified presenter.
  • Attend or deliver presentations within the previous four year period.
  • Be affiliated with their State/Territory Organisation


Squash Australia shall have the right to nominate a member of the program review panel to conduct random checks to assess the quality of delivery of the program being conducted.

All course Deliverers will be selected at the discretion of the State/Territory Coaching or Education Coordinator and approved by Squash Australia to ensure quality control of Deliverers. Program coordinator reports and participant evaluations will be reviewed to ensure quality control of Deliverers.

If you would like more information on how to become a qualified Coach Tutor and when the next Tutor Development Course is being held, please contact [email protected] or enter your details below.

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