Division 1- Minimum 2 Males, 1 Female and Maximum 3 Males, 2 Females
Divisions 2+- Minimum 3 players, Maximum 5 players

* Unlimited number of teams per club, per division (best placed team result in each division will count to Overall Championship)
* Event grading will be based on SportyHQ Ratings at time of entries closing.
*Depending on entry numbers some matches may be played on Friday evening. Please let us know if your team would be available on Friday evening when entering.
* Guaranteed minimum 3 Rounds
* PAR 11, Best of 5 games.
* Official Ball: Dunlop Pro
* All players under the age of 19 must wear WSF approved eyewear
* All players within the team composition must be at similar ability level. Any information/data to support ability evidence can be used by Squash Australia.
* Squash Australia reserves the right to move teams between divisions where required.

- Players must be an Australian resident and/or an Australian Citizen
- Players must be affiliated to Squash Australia
- Players are deemed eligible for a club, if that player has competed in a weekly competition for more than 4 weeks or is a paying member of the club they are representing.
- Players must meet their clubs selection criteria and be nominated by the club to Squash Australia.
- Team Nomination Form and entry fee must be submitted for entry to be valid by nominated closing date.
- Teams must meet the minimum required players to be eligible to compete.
- A club may enter multiple teams in a division.
- A player may only compete for one team.

* Date: Saturday 4th March 2023
* Time: 7pm
* Location: TBC
* All teams and associated members are invited to join in the social evening to celebrate the event and coming together. Dinner will be purchased by attendees at the venue.

Brisbane International Virginia
Cnr Sandgate and Zillmere RD, Boondall QLD 4034

[email protected]

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