What is Para-Squash?

Wheelchair Squash

Wheelchair Squash is a fast paced, fun and engaging activity. Upon trials at the National Squash Centre, we experimented with the types of racquets and balls used.  The players found that normal length racquets were best for reach, but opted for a racquetball style ball with higher bounce.  They also adapted to allow two bounces per rally similar to wheelchair tennis.

The players found that it was more challenging compared to wheelchair tennis as the players had to travel shorter distances in a shorter amount of time.  They also had to manoeuvre their chairs faster in tighter turning circles to get the ball, however, the overall feedback was that it was enjoyable, exhilarating and a great environment to participate in for all involved. 

Squash for the Hearing Impaired

Squash for the hearing impaired has no major differences in regards to the physical game play. The main difference is in the scoring with scorers using flip boards to display the score or signing the numbers to the players. 

Other opportunities within the para-squash space include:

  • Squash for the Visually Impaired
  • Squash for Amputees
  • Squash for those with mental disabilities

Squash Australia are working to establish different ideas on how to keep children with learning disabilities interested and engaged in squash activities whilst undergoing our programs such as OzSquash and Play, Move, Learn. With participation being one of the three core strategies, it is pivotal that as an organisation, we ensure we can accommodate for all that step foot on into a squash centre and take part in the sport.

Squash Australia are in the process of trialling more para-squash events to see what would work best to ensure that the sport is inclusive and accessible for everyone. 

Squash Australia's Committment

Squash Australia is committed to ensuring squash is an inclusive, respectful and safe environment to participate in. Integrity, inclusiveness, safety and respect are core values within the organisation and we ensure that these values are reflected through the people and the work that we do. 

Squash Australia are committed to ensuring the availability and the practice of the sport to all and are working in conjunction with the World Squash Federation to see Para-Squash accepted by the IPC framework. 

Squash Australia complies with the Paralympics Australia Integrity Framework, for more information and resources regarding the Integrity Framework for Safe Sport, Fair Sport and Inclusive Sport, Click Here.

If you have any further information that you believe could be useful and help us to ensure that the sport is accessible and inclusive at all, please contact us at [email protected]

Demonstration of Wheelchair Squash

Demonstration of Wheelchair Squash: Credit to Court Performance

Example of a Deaf Squash Clinic

Deaf Squash Clinic held at Logic Melton Squash Club: Credit to deaftvaussie