Connect with Like-Minded Squash Enthusiasts

The Squash Australia University Advisory Group is the leading think-tank for squash enthusiasts involved in the university sector. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with other squash club volunteers, committee members or sport department staff

Share Your Ideas & Build New Concepts

The Squash Australia University Advisory Group is an online forum that takes place every 2-3 months. The agenda for discussion is based on key developments in the university sport sector, up-coming events or opportunities and key insights on what it takes to run a successful club on university campuses. 

The best part of these discussions is the sharing of YOUR ideas, learning from others in the Advisory Group. Our current members have stated this as the most valuable aspect of being a member! 

Build Networks & Learn from Others

The Squash Australia University Advisory Group extends further than just the regular online forums. Our members have built connections that have created on-going opportunities. Plus, the perk of building friends that you will be able to catch up with at squash tournaments across Australia! 

Want to Get Involved?

Super easy! Just send us an email with your name and contact details to: 

[email protected] 

There is no need to send a full resume, but a brief outline of your involvement in squash (or sport) would be beneficial.