The birth of World Squash Day

The first World Squash Day event took place on January 11 2002.  World Squash Day was launched in honour of Derek Sword, a former Scottish junior international squash player who moved to America and was the squash champion at New York Athletic Club.

He worked at the World Trade Center and was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York.  A number of his friends got together to do something special to honour Derek’s memory and at the same time do something tangible for the sport of squash. Hence the birth of World Squash Day. 

World Squash Day Events

World Squash Day gives us all the opportunity to share the fun, open the doors to a wider audience and attract new (or previous) participants to the sport. Squash Australia is encouraging clubs to get involved with promoting squash with the wider community.

Some great ideas on how you can get involved in this year's World Squash Day:

  • Make a whole day of squash with a sponsored 24-hour squash marathon.
  • Invite local organisations, schools and other community groups to join in with free coaching lessons, OzSquash / Squash Start programmes and competitions.
  • Run exhibition matches with your top players taking on new players.
  • Arrange fun competitions and challenges for existing members.
  • Celebrate with a social activity.
  • Host a 30-a-side squash tournament

If you are planning something for World Squash Day, let us know and we will help promote your event!

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